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Attractions around Beachport


Pool of Siloam

A salt lake, reputedly seven times more salty than the sea and it is alleged to possess therapeutic assets. The pools depth although close to the sea does not fluctuate with the tides as its depth relies on soaks in the area. The high salt content in the lake makes swimming very easy, as the water is extremely buoyant. A must for those wanting to relax. Recently it has been found that The Pool of Siloam is actually a Blow Hole, Although it doesn’t blow this is the cause of its such high salt content as it is unable to escape.

(McCourt Road, Beachport, South Australia 5280)


Beachport Conservation Park

Discover the outstanding coastal scenery of Beachport Conservation Park. This 710-hectare park protects beautiful white sandy beaches, weathered limestone cliffs, sand dunes and saltwater lagoons. The park was first set aside to conserve habitat for bird life. Today birdwatchers delight in spotting some of the 200 species recorded here. To see water birds such as swans and black ducks, head to the lakes. Camping, beachcombing, fishing and bushwalking are popular activities. The shallow water provides a safe swimming area and sailing/wind surfing landing site. Sheltered picnic spots are nearby. Four-wheel drive vehicles can access the full-length of the park. Conventional vehicles can get as far as Woolley Rocks. Camping is only available in the Three Mile Bend area; permits are available from a nearby self-registration station on Lake George Road.

(Lake George Road, Beachport, South Australia 5280)


Beachport Jetty

One of the longest jetties in South Australia, Beachport Jetty reaches out into the waters of Rivoli Bay. Anglers keen to snare Salmon, Mullet, Mulloway and Whiting. Sandy beaches stretch around the bay offering surf, safe swimming and relaxing sunset strolls. Beachport Jetty is a must for the keen photographer with it breath taking views a must to snap.


Durants Lookout / Bowman's Scenic Drive

Durants Lookout provides spectacular views of the township of Beachport, Rivoli Bay, Beachport Conservation Park and the Southern Ocean. Beachport is an isthmus with the sea on two sides and Lake George beside it. Sandy beaches stretch around Rivoli Bay offering great surf and safe swimming, while Bowman Scenic Drive allows visitors to explore the coastal dunes offering spectacular views of the rugged coast of the Southern Ocean.


Lanky's Walk

Located in Railway Terrace towards the entrance to the Beachport Conservation Park. Follow a well-defined path through natural bush land with native plants named for easy identification. At the end of this walk is Lanky's Well, which was dug to provide water for the police horses. Lanky Kana, a member of the local Boandik tribe, was employed by the police as a tracker and part of his duties included the care of horses. He also camped by the well, hence the name. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes. Maps are available from the Beachport Visitor Information Centre.

(Railway Terrace, Beachport, South Australia 5280)